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    Somebody recalls the past, somebody live the present somebody dreams the future and somebody else, on the other hand, chose to create his own destiny day after day, with courage and passion.

    Today’s HAMADIS is the result of work, effort, passion, dreams and enthusiasm.

    HAMADIS is the place where team works every day, determined to achieve more, to grow, innovate and to give our customers the best we can offer. HAMADIS is an attitude towards life that we have treasured from day one, and our is the secret to keep moving to-ward the future.


    HAMADIS, was founded in 2014 from the creative and entrepreneurial minds of Aysha and Jawaher Al Hamadi.

    HAMADIS collection is proudly MADE in Qatar The collection is created in their studio in Doha, where the finest in craftsmanship and materials are used to create each look.

    It started with simple, singular pieces. Over the years, their experiences and artistic portfolio grew, and the intricacies and quality of their fashionable designs increased. Their clients have come to trust them as the go-to brand for minimal, luxury pieces.

    Every piece from the HAMADIS fashion house is created with art, fashion, and cultural significance in mind, while using the finest of skills and expert, hand-embroidered designs that give each piece a signature touch. Silhouettes are stylish, yet approachable, and perfect for daily wear or more formal occasions.

    Our ideology came from empowering women, by adorning their wardrobe from a piece of Hamadis, with a bold and minimal design.


    Everything we make elevates women, treasuring their complexities and facets, is in our philosophy. It spans the extremes that allow a woman to find and express her essence.

    From its inception, our brand has been a seminal force in shaping the Abaya and Kaftan as the main code of fashion.

    Women are the energy center of HAMADIS, we offer a simple powerful/feminine designs to all kind of sophisticated women, the brand shows its dedication to sublime women, and encourage them to give the best of themselves.


    HAMADIS seeks to empower woman to reveal her own, unusual and individual identity. The signature trademarks include sophisticated design, feminine silhouettes and versatility designed to flatter the female form. In the traditional Abaya and Kaftan, HAMADIS designers choose to remain in the shadows and let the clothes take the spotlight.


    When we started, Abaya’s were our forte.

    Seasons after season we added Kaftan as new product. Currently, we are focusing on creating pieces that can be worn all year long, including summer dresses. We hope to expand our creative horizon in the future and start designing full outfits for all generations

    Our collections are created for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Exclusive collections are made in different occasions.


    HAMADIS is a luxury Abaya and Caftan Brand representing timeless and contemporary designs that appeal to modern, sophisticated wearers.

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